Grounding – A Simple Way to Counteract the Damaging Effects of Toxins?


Have you heard of Grounding, also known as “Earthing”?

It is free, easy and anyone can do it. People have claimed that is has helped with everything from colicky babies, diabetes, blood pressure, better sleep, less pain and less inflammation in the body.

Dr. Steven Sinatra, who is a leading integrative cardiologist, says that 

one of his cardinal principles of good health is “Grounding”. He believes that by walking barefoot, you allow your body to draw in the Earth’s electrons, and discharge harmful electro-pollution.

Toxic substances in our environment such as pesticides, chemicals found in personal care and cleaning products, cigarette smoke, trans fats, chemicals and preservatives found in foods, radiation etc. cause free radical damage in our body which deplete our body of electrons. This damages the cell’s DNA which causes that cell to mutate. The cell can then grow and reproduce abnormally. This abnormal growth can happen quickly, and if left unchecked, it can lead to the disease process. 

Antioxidants such as vitamin C and Vitamin E which are found abundantly in fruits and vegetables are the bodies natural defence system against free radical onslaught. Grounding, or standing barefoot on the earth, has the same antioxidant effect in your body. You can also “Ground” by using devices (patches, sheets or mats) that connect to the ground port of your electrical outlet. Grounding is said to neutralize dangerous free radicals in your body.

Now through August 8th, you can watch a free documentary online called, “The Grounded 2” to learn more about this simple way that anyone get counteract the damage done by the toxic world we live in. More about the documentary here.

Why are some health professionals skeptical? Not a whole lot of money to be made on grounding. It is free of charge! Try it for yourself… Go outside. Walk barefoot on the ground (grass, sand, dirt or on concrete are conductive surfaces and the Earth’s energy flows through them and into your body. Wood, asphalt, and vinyl, are not conductive surfaces). Take deep breaths and enjoy this earth and all of it’s healing energy  🙂

Have you tried Grounding? What has been your experience?


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One comment on “Grounding – A Simple Way to Counteract the Damaging Effects of Toxins?
  1. Heather says:

    I instantly feel calmer when actively grounding. My husband sleeps much better which says a lot as he works very long and sometimes erratic hours. He tells his patients to do the same. The little I’ve read on grounding-it just makes sense.

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