The labelling of natural and organic products can be very deceiving due to the lack of regulation of organic marketing claims. There is no real agency monitoring marketing claims, so trying to find a truly organic and natural product can be frustrating. I understand your frustration and I want to help you!


Dr. Suzanne Approved Healthy Products are products that I would recommend patients use or that I would use on my own family. I am the “go to” person for friends, family and patients to find out if a product is actually healthy. I absolutely love doing the detective work to figure out if a product marketed as “natural or organic” is actually healthy. I will go to very extreme measures to inspect products. I relentlessly make calls to companies or manufacturers to get to the bottom of the marketing claims and find out the information that I need to determine if a product is healthy to use.


Dr. Suzanne Approved Healthy guarantees that the product has:

  • no chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer
  • no chemicals known or suspected to cause reproductive problems
  • no hormone mimicking chemicals
  • no chemicals known to be neurotoxins
  • no chemical contaminates that cause any of the above (contamination happens through the the manufacturing process of the chemicals, therefore the contaminants are not required to be listed on the ingredient list)


Dr. Suzanne Approved Healthy means I would use the products on my children or recommend them to my patients. Dr. Suzanne Approved Healthy means just that…they are healthy for you to use, no false advertising here.


I firmly believe that by eliminating chemicals found in personal care, cleaning and household products you can greatly reduce the toxic load your family is being exposed to daily. This is a very easy, lateral switch. So please, help your family down a healthier path by switching to Dr. Suzanne Approved Healthy products!