suzanneI am a doctor of chiropractic, mom to 3 amazing children, wife to a chiropractor. I am passionate about organic and natural living. I am a truth seeker, investigator and a rallier. I get behind people who do the right thing.


In October 2005, I had a patient say to me, “You won’t believe what you are washing your children in!”. She proceeded to show me products from a company that claimed their products were natural and safe. This was a turning point in my life. It was at this point that I realized, 1) Just how dangerous chemicals found in personal care products are, and 2) That many products that claim to be “organic” or “natural” still contain very dangerous chemicals.


This began my journey to seek out products that were truly natural and organic. I found that due to the lack of regulation within the natural products world, there is a lot of misleading marketing out there. I spent many hours researching to find products that were truly organic and good for you.
Buffie FamilyThis led me to find the miessence range – the world’s first certified organic personal care products. At first, I did not want to believe the claims made by miessence. Like all of the other products I had looked at, their natural claims sounded great, until I dug deeper and revealed what they actually were. But after many weeks of research I could not find anything incongruent with what miessence was claiming. My family soon began using miessence products and I began recommending them to my patients. Not only were they truly safe and healthy for you, but they were luxurious and worked well too!


I love my job as a chiropractor and I was not at all looking for another business to start. However, the more I learned about miessence the company, their values and their passion to teach people about organic living, the more I fell in love with miessence. Teaching people about the toxicity of products and the beauty of miessence started out more as a fun “hobby” for me. I started meeting like-minded people from all over the world who all had the same passion for healthy living. I started to earn an income with miessence while doing something that I was very passionate about and had fun while doing so. Naturally, my business started to grow. I loved that I was able to help others contribute to their family by earning an income in an ethical way while doing something that they loved to do!


Fast forward to the present. I have extensively studied and lectured on the dangers of toxic chemicals, not only in our personal care products, but in our home, our food, our water and in our environment. I have seen first hand in practice, the health implications of toxins that people are exposed to. I have helped patients to not only remove the toxins from their environment, but also to help them detoxify the many layers of toxins stored deep within their cells.


This is my passion and has become my mission in life: helping others decipher the misleading marketing by researching and investigating to find what is right and the truth in the natural and organic world.


When I am not researching toxic things, I enjoy spending time with my family – in the summer outdoors, fishing at the lake or during our long Winnipeg winters, watching my children play hockey. I also like fermenting everything and anything for probiotic rich yumminess!


Thanks for visiting!


Disclaimer- I search for truly healthy natural and organic products. On this website, I rate and approve products based on my criteria. I am a representative for Miessence and some products I endorse I may be an affiliate for…but they passed my criteria FIRST. I would never ever endorse a product that was not healthy to use or that I would not use on my family. There are also many products on my website that I will approve, but not have a connection with in anyway. The bottom line is if they are healthy, I approve them. Some of my approved products I also decide to sell. Just getting that out in the open 🙂 Enjoy.

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